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Company Team Highlights Services

Focused on flawless facilities Why inner qualities count Architecture is often a contentious topic. Shapes, colors, and materials have different effects on different peo­ ple. Questions such as how functional a building is and whether people feel comfortable in it are much simpler to answer. There are unambiguous criteria for this. And these criteria have a lot to do with building services en­ gineering. Only a sound technological infrastructure can provide a building with the kinds of characteristics people expect: functionality, comfort, security. Technical facilities are the lifeblood of a building - they provide it with its elec­ tricity, its water, its air, its heating, and its capacity to cool. These same building services transport people and goods, as well as moving data and information around; and they protect people and their tangible assets against possible dangers by warning against fire and continuous­ ly monitoring the entrances. Careful planning cuts costs - it's a fact. The planning stage will decide whether people will be satisfied or frustrated with their building's energy costs. An efficient, maintenance­friendly infrastructure saves on operating and servicing costs for the entire lifespan of the building, and thereby protecting the long­term value of the real property. Why we prefer to go the whole way Make no mistake about it: the technological engineer­ ing of a 21st century building is a complex undertaking. Countless individual components are locked together like cogs in a giant machine. We like to view this "clockwork" as an integral whole - particularly when we're the gen­ eral technical planner in charge of engineering all of the building's services and facilities. The end result: a com­ plete integrated solution. The big advantage of this approach is a lean, logical infrastructure that comes with an individual contact per­ son for each and every section, whether it be electrical engineering, ventilation or climate control. That translates into lower administrative costs for you, fewer interfaces and clear communication channels. Our motto: efficient design, efficient operation.

Why you can always depend on us Areas of planning: Whether it's a high­rise building or a kilometer­long tunnel, you can leave it to us to take care of all tasks at all stages. As a consultant, we support you with app­ raisals and cost estimations so that you make the right decisions from the beginning. As a designer, we work hard from the very first sketch right through to the final detailed blueprints to develop intelligent solutions for your building. And as a site manager, we ensure that the quality of the work, the deadlines and the budget all stay on track in implementing the plans. Technical building engineering Technical tunnel engineering Technical engineering for special installations Due diligence test for electrical engineering Services: All work stages in line with HOAI (scale of services and fees for architects and engineers) Studies Appraisals Analyses Network analyses Calculation of operating costs Amortization calculations Facility management Health and safety coordination German Construction Site Ordinance (SiGeKo) Scope of planning for electrical engineering: High­voltage and medium­voltage systems Self­generated power supply systems Low­voltage installation systems Lighting systems Lightning protection and grounding systems Telecommunication systems Search and signaling systems Time service systems Electroacoustic systems (ELS) Television and antenna systems Detection and alarm systems Transmission networks Elevator systems Crane systems Automation systems Scope of planning for mechanical engineering: Heating systems Ventilation and air­conditioning systems Sanitary facilities Our services:

A team to rely on At three offices in Germany, Stuttgart, Cologne and Erfurt, more than four­ ty engineers, technicians, technical draftsmen, accountants and secretari­ es help run GBI Gackstatter Beratende Ingenieure. The team is composed of "old hands" - technicians, foremen, and engineers possessing many years of professional experience - as well as up­and­coming engineers and trainees with fresh ideas. This combination permits us to view each new project from a variety of perspectives. Our design methods blend tried­and­trusted strategies with cutting­edge technologies. The managing partners of GBI Gackstatter Beratende Ingenieure since 2002 are Holger Funke, Thomas Kratz and Rainer Trimborn. All three are long­time members of the company and ensure stability and continuity.

Holger Funke (Dip. Eng.) Consulting Engineer 1988 1986­1992 since 1992 Born 1960 Diploma from Karl­Marx­Stadt Technical University Planning engineer in electrotechnology at the Lingel shoe factory, Erfurt Project engineer at Gackstatter und Partner GmbH; Design, tendering, construction supervision of electrical engineering for many large structural and underground engineering projects Head of the Erfurt office Managing partner of GBI Gackstatter Beratende Ingenieure Member of the Association of German Electricians (VDE), the Society of Lighting Engineers (LiTG), and the Thuringia chamber of engineers Rainer Trimborn (Dip. Eng. App. Sc.) Consulting Engineer Born 1967 Graduate diploma from Esslingen University of Applied Sciences since 1996 Project engineer at Gackstatter und Partner GmbH; Design, tendering and supervision of the electronic engineering for numerous building constructions since 2002 Managing partner of GBI Gackstatter Beratende Ingenieure 1995 Thomas Kratz (Dip. Eng. App. Sc.) Consulting Engineer Born 1965 Graduate diploma from Coburg University of Applied Sciences since 1995 Project engineer at Gackstatter und Partner GmbH; Design, tendering and supervision of technical configuration of numerous tunnels since 2002 Managing partner of GBI Gackstatter Beratende Ingenieure 1995 Member of Baden­Württemberg chamber of engineers Member of the German Association of Consulting Engineers (VBI), the Association of German Electricians (VDE), the Society of Lighting Engineers (LiTG), as well as the Baden­Württemberg and Thuringia chambers of engineers since 1994 since 2002

Milestones On firm ground Almost 50 years of experience in building services engi­ neering is a solid foundation for any new project. Our tech­ nical experience helps us avoid mistakes and gives us the resourcefulness to deal with tricky problems, even when it requires an unconventional solution. Our routine han­ dling of project management means we have costs and deadlines firmly in hand. Yet another advantage of our long experience in the industry is our networking with other specialist planners. GBI Gackstatter Beratende Ingenieure together with its partners offers the full spectrum of build­ ing engineering services. Roland Gackstatter (Dip. Eng. App. Sc.) sets up a planning office for electrical systems in buildings Office becomes active in traffic control Transformation into co­partnership Completion of the first road tunnel New legal form: Gackstatter und Partner GmbH 1964 1975 1979 1985 1990 1972 Munich Olympic Sports Hall, Architects: Behnisch und Partner, Stuttgart 1983 Hanns­Martin­Schleyer­ Halle Stuttgart, Architects: Siegel, Wonne­ berg + Partner, Stuttgart 1990 German Post Museum Frankfurt am Main, Architects: Behnisch und Partner, Stuttgart Project highlights

Erfurt office established Changing of the guard: long­term employees Holger Funke, Thomas Kratz and Rainer Trimborn take over the business management Stronger involvement in international projects Gackstatter und Partner GmbH renamed as GBI Gackstatter Beratende Ingenieure GmbH Cologne office established 1992 2002 2005 2011 2005 1994 Spa complex Bad Cannstatt, Architects: Freie Archi­ tekten Beck­Erlang, Stuttgart 1999 Engelberg Basis Tunnel, Civil engineers: BUNG Ingenieure AG, Heidelberg 2003 Rostock Subaqueous Warnow Crossing (First toll tunnel in Germany), Civil engineers: BUNG Ingenieure AG, Heidelberg Thuringia Forest Crossing, Building contractor: DEGES Deutsche Einheit Fernstraßenpla­ nungs­ und ­bau GmbH, Berlin 2012 "Summer Concert Hall", Georgia (completion 2016), Architects: Drei Architekten, Stuttgart

Well connected Specialist network As a member of the German Association of Consult­ ing Engineers (Beratende Ingenieure = Consulting Engineers), we are an independent, experienced and reliable partner for our customers. GBI is also allied with the chambers of engineers in Baden­Württemberg and Thuringia, the German Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies as well as the Society of Lighting Engineers. The intensive exchange of technical information and continual professional education via these associations enables us to keep up to date with all the latest developments, and to keep our clients at the technological forefront too. Seal of quality Our engineering office is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 - an exacting quality standard which guarantees that customer satisfaction is always at the center of our in­ terests. The DIN 14 675 certificate acknowledges our exper­ tise in the planning of automatic fire alarm systems. ? DIN 14 675 Planung und Abnahme

Partners plan together We're convinced that the best way of reconciling form, func­ tion and profitability is through an integrative design. That's why we seek out talks with architects, project managers, specialist engineers and public authorities. And the earlier we're brought into the designing process, the better we can coordinate our ideas with the planning partners. The end result is a clean technological design that complements the creative, constructive, and functional features of the building. A dozen reasons why you should work with us We advise you on competitions and with the estimation of technical floor space and standard costs. We keep in focus the overall concept of the building. We ensure that the technological engineering runs seamlessly behind the scenes without encroaching on the building's design. We show off the architecture in the right light with the appropriate luminance concept. We have already worked with many prominent architects, civil engineers and project managers who are both rigorous and precise. We know the ins and outs of public building projects. We have experience with large projects and with technically complex building structures, such as concert halls and laboratory facilities. We're the German engineering firm with the most experience in the electronic engineering of road tunnels. We clarify the interfaces for other technical planners in good time so that frictional losses are reduced to a minimum. We implement energy­saving technologies and in so doing protect the long­term economic viability of the structure. We manage safety issues and health protection at your building site. We consistently plan our solutions within the framework of your budget and we adhere to agreed­upon deadlines.

The strength of our structural engineering What do a beer garden pavilion, a spa complex and a Catholic community center have in common? They form part of the 600 projects appearing on our reference list for structural engineering. The uses of these buildings vary as much as the demands placed on their amenities. We therefore always de­ velop a technological infrastructure customized to the exact contours and purposes of that particular building, and which functions unobtrusively in the background. At the center of our area of expertise are buildings with complex technological infrastructures such as schools, administrative departments, hospitals and sports halls. The benchmark is particularly high when it comes to public works. Here, the building services engineer has to successfully combine a multiplicity of demands: maximum comfort in the workspace and customer zones, failsafe perfor­ mance, high standards of hygiene, as well as innovative energy configurations. In essence, the engi­ neer has to strike a balance between optimal quality and optimized cost­efficiency while complying with all standards and regulations. Fortunately, the experience and expertise we have built up over the decades allows us to address all of these challenges with complete confidence. Summer Concert Hall", Georgia, Architects: Drei Architekten, Stuttgart Stadthalle Nürtingen Renovation of the Leibniz Gymnasium school in Rott­ weil, Building contractor: City of Rottweil ICW GmbH / Dr. Schaette AG, Bad Waldsee, IP Innovatives Planen GmbH, Neckartenzlingen Production Technology Center at the University of Hannover, Architects: Henn Architekten, Munich

Diversity in structural engineering Technical engineering for: Educational institutions Industrial and administrative buildings Laboratory and research facilities Hospital wards and medical centers Sports halls Concert halls Office buildings Special­purpose buildings Municipal/multi­purpose halls Shopping malls Hotels Residential buildings Underground parking lots Pharmaceutics faculty at the Friedrich­Schiller­University Jena, General planner and architects: G+P Projektentwicklung GmbH, Sinsheim Renovation of Königsbau Stuttgart, Building contractor: Landesstiftung Baden­Württemberg GmbH SIMT Stuttgart Institute of Management and Technology, Architects: Drei Architekten, Stuttgart Renovation of the Jugendstilvilla Mall, Architects: Dollmann + Partner Freie Architekten BDA, Stuttgart Maquet industrial building, Antalya, Turkey, Engineering company: IP Innovatives Planen GmbH, Neckartenzlingen Viba Sweets building complex, Schmalkalden, Architects: Pahl + Weber­Pahl Architekten BDA, Darmstadt Municipal Hall Nürtingen, Architects: Werkgemeinschaft Weinbrenner.Single, Nürtingen

Light not just at the end of the tunnel We may not be able to move mountains, but we can certainly get people through them. Our systems feature in more than 300 tunnels, helping traffic to flow freely and safely. Our reference list boasts several large projects, including the Thuringia Forest Crossing, the Dusseldorf Kö­Bogen tunnel and the Cologne­Lövenich noise control enclosure. In fact, these tunnels are three of the most challenging engineering projects to be under­ taken in recent years in Germany. We actively seek out large, complex projects because such challenges help us to grow and bring us into contact with new technologies. And this helps us to keep one step ahead of the competition. With new technologies and innovative cabling and safety systems we are able to attain maxi­ mum safety in line with the official German guidelines for equipping and operating road tun­ nels (RABT). Various analyses, including lighting engineering inspections, acoustic tests and radio frequen­ cy measurements, help us to develop optimal strategies both technically and economically. Through our work for and with various committees we are able to keep abreast of the latest engineering developments and any new regulations in the pipeline.

Engelberg Basis Tunnel The new construction was carried out under difficult geological conditions 60 meters below the old tunnel at Leonberger Dreieck. Traffic had to be maintained during the entire period of construction. This challenging project required flexibility, imagination and constant adjustment of provisional electrical measures to cope with changing traffic conditions. Thuringia Forest Crossing A mammoth project requiring four tunnels and several bridges to be put through the Thuringia Forest without adversely affecting the environment. The project included the Rennsteig Tunnel, the longest road tunnel in Germany. In some instances the structures had to be erected paral­ lel to one another and this presented substantial challeng­ es for the technical engineering and project management. Rostock Subaqueous Warnow Crossing This first privately financed road tunnel in Germany con­ nects the east and west banks of the Warnow River in the Hanseatic city of Rostock. A toll is required to use it. The unusual construction method (immersion technology) presented some equally unusual challenges for the tech­ nological engineering. Diversity in underground engineering Technical engineering for: Freeway tunnels Highway tunnels Inner city tunnels Other tunnels Tunnel and traffic control centers Traffic control systems Environment data acquisition systems Engineering for special installations: Hydropower plants Flood retention basins Pumping stations

Come and talk to us You can learn more about us and our services in a personal meeting. All you have to do is call us or send us an email. GBI Gackstatter Beratende Ingenieure GmbH Stuttgart Office, Germany Schwieberdinger Straße 56 70435 Stuttgart Tel. +49 (0) 711 / 13 67 07­0 Fax +49 (0) 711 / 13 67 07­10 Email: stuttgart@gbi.eu Erfurt Office, Germany Konrad­Zuse­Straße 2 99099 Erfurt Tel. +49 (0) 361 / 4 42 41­0 Fax +49 (0) 361 / 4 42 41­20 Email: erfurt@gbi.eu Cologne Office, Germany Rheinauhafen ­ Agrippinawerft 28 50678 Köln Tel. +49 (0) 221 / 3 59 34 19­0 Fax +49 (0) 221 / 3 59 34 19­9 Email: koeln@gbi.eu www.gbi.eu Photos in this brochure: H.G. Esch, Communication Consultants®, fotolia/pp77, architects and project partners, GBI Gackstatter Beratende Ingenieure GmbH Editing and design: Communication Consultants®